Details About What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident By The Augusta Free Press

In Louisiana, an estimated 34% of all auto accidents involved sedans and more compact vehicles last year. Pickup trucks made up 24% of the annual accidents while SUV-related accidents were at 16%. Statistics show that a majority of the accidents happened on the interstate. Hiring a personal injury attorney could help victims of the accidents receive the compensation they deserve.

Take Photos of Auto Damage and Injuries

Victims are advised to take photos of all auto damage and their injuries. The images provide compelling evidence in a personal injury case. The images must cooperate the doctor’s medical assessment. The auto damage images must show the same details as the estimate for repairs.

Cooperate With the Doctor

A common mistake that victims make is failing to follow their doctor’s instructions. Any failure to follow the care plan affects the success of the personal injury claim. For example, the doctor told the victim to refrain from lifting heavy objects, and the patient ignores medical advice. The patient won’t receive additional compensation if their condition worsens. The judge will conclude that the patient is at fault for the progression of their condition.

Do Not Talk to the At-Fault Driver

Victims should never talk to the at-fault driver or their attorney. All communication should be conducted through the victim’s attorney. The claimant could lose their case if they talk to the defendant or their attorney. The opposition uses the strategy to discredit the victim’s claim and dismiss the case.

Keep All Invoices

Claimants need all invoices for their medical treatment from all their doctors. The attorney needs all invoices to calculate the full medical costs incurred by their client. Additionally, the victim needs at least three auto repair estimates. All financial losses are listed in the personal injury claim.

In Louisiana, fatal auto accidents are attributed to weather conditions, drunk drivers, and traffic violations. The highest percentage of fatal accidents occurred on state highways. A personal injury attorney offers assistance to victims who were injured and families who lost a loved one in the accidents. Victims who need more info are encouraged to read What to do if you are involved in a car accident by the Augusta Free Press right now.